Thursday, October 23, 2014

Auckland Hospoital.

     Auckland Hospital

On Monday this week I went to see my great nana in the Auckland hospital. She went in the hospital on Wednesday last week. The first time she went to the hospital was because she fractured her back. Then they let her go back home. The day after they let her go home she had to go back because she couldn't take care of herself. Then we found out that she was in danger of passing away. Because her heart beat was very slow. It was pumping about once every 12 seconds.

So we stayed the night in a hotel in Auckland and every day we went to visit her in the hospital. The one day we I went to see her and I had a big long talk to her, but she could not talk back to me. Then the day after that, well the morning after that my great nana past away. So I think that she was waiting for me to say good bye and that I love her.

The way I found out that she passed away was when I woke up in the hotel my nana was crying and I asked why and she said...that great nana has passed away.

       Well she is In a better place now that is a good thing.

                                .great nana I love you.

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  1. That is so so sad I hope you are ok and great work :-)