Thursday, October 23, 2014

Auckland Hospoital.

     Auckland Hospital

On Monday this week I went to see my great nana in the Auckland hospital. She went in the hospital on Wednesday last week. The first time she went to the hospital was because she fractured her back. Then they let her go back home. The day after they let her go home she had to go back because she couldn't take care of herself. Then we found out that she was in danger of passing away. Because her heart beat was very slow. It was pumping about once every 12 seconds.

So we stayed the night in a hotel in Auckland and every day we went to visit her in the hospital. The one day we I went to see her and I had a big long talk to her, but she could not talk back to me. Then the day after that, well the morning after that my great nana past away. So I think that she was waiting for me to say good bye and that I love her.

The way I found out that she passed away was when I woke up in the hotel my nana was crying and I asked why and she said...that great nana has passed away.

       Well she is In a better place now that is a good thing.

                                .great nana I love you.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Production Reflection.

Reflection for the Production Journey Through The Legends

Something I was pleased with was my stage fright because I always get stage fright and this time I didn't.
I really enjoyed learning my line because it was a challenge for me because normally I don't remember anything.

Something I found hard was doing our dance for the dolphins to enter on stage because of the box step, none of us could do it in time and there is six of us.
Something that made me think was would I be able to say my line loud and clearly.
Something I want to get better at is speaking louder because I don't think the people at the back of the hall herd me.

My favorite part of the production was the smoke machine and the end of our production.

My best bit of feedback for the production was from my grandad. He said to me "great work and you were very loud and that is the best performance that you have ever done. 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Ghost Of Young Nick's Head

~The ghost of young Nicks Head~

Joe and Eddie were sitting by a fire on a cold wet day. They tried to count all the soot that would come from the fire. When the power went out,they both jumped out of their seats as thunder and lightning began. Goosebumps ran down Joe’s back. Then they sat back down, BOOM another bit of lightning struck! AH Eddie screamed in fear, he had a big fear of lightning he didn't mind the thunder

Are you ok? Joe and Joe’s dad both asked at the same time. Yes I’m fine thanks, just got a little fright. Lets go have a look in the hallway maybe we can find something to use as a light Joe said to Eddie and his dad. Brrr, as they walked out of the warm room they all felt a chill down their spine, what is that shape in front of us? Joe said and it's even moving.

As Eddie lead the way the night started to fall so it got darker and darker eventually it was so dark that they couldn't see what they were doing or where they were walking. But lucky for the boys Joe’s dad took a tour of the house and remembered the way that they were going and he could see a little bit of light coming from the large window and he new that they were getting close to the front door.   

As they got even closer Joe could see the moving shape again but he didn't say anything. So they kept walking and then suddenly Eddie screamed, are you OK Eddie? Joe’s dad said and Eddie was on the floor. Yes I’m ok just my head kind of hurts, do you think you will be OK Eddie? asked Joe yea I think so. They had a look on what Eddie tripped on and it was…

The old flea bag scratching himself in the middle of the hall, what a silly dog. So they carried on looking around for some light. {“KNOCK”KNOCK”} they all heard a knock on the front door, they all stepped back at the same time a waited to see if they could hear the knocking again. {“KNOCK”KNOCK”}

"Who is it?" Joe’s dad said shivering in fair. “I have something for you” someone said beyond the crack through the front door.

To Be Continued...


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dear Diary

 WALT: record and share our thoughts. Text type: Diary

25/8/14 to 4/9/14
Dear Diary, let me introduce myself. My name is Crystal and my role in the production is dolphin 2 and my line is “The tribes up Mahia Way plead with us to guide them safely back to shore after a days fishing, when the swishing and swirling causes the sea to stir.” So far I have enjoyed practicing for the production because all the 5 other dolphins are very nice.Mary plays as Takitaki one of the main whales she is like our leader.Also it didn't take us long to learn our lines. But the thing I don't like is sometimes we muck around and we don't get things finished in time. But I am very happy with being dolphin 2.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Knowledge Goal Reflection.

Knowledge Goal and Reflection 50/50 100% for stage 5 number knowledge.

I did well in Multiplication facts, Number bonds and groupings.

My number knowledge goal is rounding.

Something I am proud of is my division facts because I’m not that good at them.

Something I want to learn more about is rounding

Knowledge Goal and Reflection 29/07/14

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

That Yuck Smell

  !That Yuck  Smell!

On Tuesday 2014 me and my friend Kayla Anderson where at my house and we could smell something coming from the lounge It smelt like dog poo from my dogs Scruffy or Sasha.

As me and Kayla walk into the lounge we smelt a yuck smell. “What is that smell” Kayla said. “ I think it is dog poop?” yuck, groce we kept moaning and groaning for a while.“lets look for the smell before we do anything else” I said.

“Where is that smell” Kayla yelled to me “I am getting very angry because we can not find the smell” I told Kayla. “Why can’t we find it” Kayla said. “Grrrrrrr, NANNY” I yelled out “There is a poop smell out here and we can’t find it”

“That’s it, come on Kayla” I said, and we covered our noses and ran out of the lounge in a hurry. We both ran to my room and made a plan on where the smell could be. Could it be the cupboard or behind the T.V  or even in the couch?

“Well, bye Kayla” I said as she was walking out the gate to go home. See you later on in the week or even tomorrow? “ha ha very funny” Kayla said.
“Bye Ann” my nan yelled out “see ya Kayla” I yelled out as they were getting in the car.

In the end I found out that is was cat poop and it was behind the couch and my cat Skye got a little fright and then she must of done it. And the reason she gets scared is because my old cat Gypsy got put down a while ago and now she haunts Skye sometimes to make her scared.

The End.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

The big bang

The Big Bang
1.Who discover the big bang ?  

2.How did the big bang happen ?

3.Why is the big bang called the big bang ?

4. Who named the big bang ?

1. Edwin Hubble was the first one to find the big bang.

2. There are theories, but none have been proven. Most scientists says God, simply because it is possible. If not God then it's a complex theory of Thermodynamics. But your answer is: pending. Maybe someday in the far future we will know.

3. The term was coined by an astronomer who did not agree with the theory. He meant it as a disparaging term, but it stuck, and it has been called that ever since.
4. .It was originally named by Georges LemaƮtre, who was a scientist.